Track your vehicles anywhere around the World


AutoPointer is a Vehicle Tracking solution for automotive companies

The Cloud tracking service enables full visibility of vehicle's way from factory up to the end customer

Tracker price:


AutoPointer GSM-tracker attached to vehicle reports its position from anywhere

Global coverage

AutoPointer coverage is 98% of countries. Indoor and outdoor.


Tracker battery is rechargeable and works up to 1 year

High accuracy

Provides up to 10 meters of accuracy.


Size of credit card. 8.5mm thin, < 47g. Fits everywhere.

Attach tracking device

Just place a tracker anywhere inside the vehicle

Activate tracking

Start tracking from the web application

Track vehicle in realtime

See all tracking details and share it with customers and dealers

Cloud Application

Single application

Single app for automotive company, dealers and customers

Cloud access

Easy access from anywhere. Using web interface or mobile app

Embeddable widget

Customizable widget could be simply integrated into company service pages


Embedded SIM-card

AutoPointer GSM-tracker is delivered with pre-installed SIM-card. It works almost everywhere - 98% of countries

No roaming fees

Single pricing for all shipments.
No need to care about roaming fees

Multiple sensors

Light, movement, temperature, acceleration

Easy return

The cheapest and most convenient way to get your tracker back after use - a simple envelope

Easy integration

AutoPointer API enables easy integration directly into you own systems and applications

Flexible pricing

Pay for AutoPointer only when you use it.
(De)activate tracking via Online Cloud service.
Keep full control over your costs






Per-day use



Real-time awareness

Know exactly where all trackable vehicles are located right now

Transportation safety

Be confident, that your vehicles transported in safe conditions and delivered intact

Reliabile Logistics

Evaluate how your logistics partners work. Minimize risks and increase efficiency

Low cost technology

Cloud-driven GSM vehicle tracking has never been so flexible and affordable

New revenue stream

Provide realtime tracking information as a service to dealers and end customers

Simplified interaction

Add transparency and reduce communication regarding delivery statuses